The BioWorks FirmTech 2:

The FirmTech 2 Fruit Firmness Tester rapidly measures the firmness of soft fruit or vegetables.  Firmness is measured by compression testing of each fruit...squeezing the fruit in the same manner a consumer would do with his fingers. 


A sample of 25 takes two minutes to test!


The FirmTech 2 is an excellent tool for commercial quality control, as well as research in varietal selection, handling practices and cultural practices.  Test procedures have been designed to be fast and to accommodate large sample sizes (1-100).  Automated testing is achieved with a turntable and a Windows  compatible program.  Larger sample sizes can be tested by removing produce and replacing with new samples while still under test mode.  

  • Other test procedures are available for small fruit, such as puncture force or compression force using deflection limits.
  • Fruit diameter can also be measured simultaneously with firmness.

Cherry specific software is available for US cherry packers. Firmness is conventionally displayed and fruit size is converted to “Row Size”. Statistics of firmness are shown along with row size distribution. Row size distribution allows the packer to see what may be going into a size grader or as a check on grade sizing. Data is automatically stored and can be made available over a network. Sampling procedures have been modified from the general use program to maximize the amount of data collected. This makes data available for timely decisions in pre- and post-packing operations as well as general quality control.

The FirmTech 2 lets you know the quality of your produce, day-after-day, and season-to-season!



Fast!  Easy to use!

Use the FirmTech  for...








FirmTech 2 - Desktop PC Control ……… $6500 USD   

Includes everything! All software for general instrument use, and cherry-specific software is supplied. The turntable plate is available in several configurations, adaptable to a wide variety of fruit or vegetable size. 


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